2. Navigation Menus

There is 1 navigation menu location in the theme, it is displayed in the header.

Creating menus and applying them to the locations is standard WordPress usage and if you've used WordPress before you won't run into any issues. But if you're not quite familiar with WordPress and how navigation menus work, here are some resources to help you out:

If you want to link a menu item to one of the sections on the homepage you need to create a custom link, as shown in the screenshot below:

For the URL you type in the full website URL followed by the ID of the section, like http://example.com/#id

Here's the list of IDs for the sections used in the theme:

  • #features
  • #about
  • #tour
  • #services
  • #process
  • #testimonials
  • #clients
  • #team
  • #blog
  • #contact

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