4. Sidebars & Widgets

There are 12 sidebar/widget locations in this theme. Most of them are used for managing the homepage content. You can add widgets to those locations in WP adminAppearanceWidgets or in WP admin → Appearance → Customize . The names of the locations are pretty much self explanatory:

  • Sidebar
  • Footer
  • Home Features
  • Home About
  • Home Services
  • Home Process
  • Home Testimonials
  • Home Clients
  • Home Team
  • Home Contact
  • Home Slider
  • Home Pricing

Like with the navigation menus, adding widgets to sidebars is also general WordPress usage, and if you've used WordPress before you won't have any troubles here. But in case you haven't used it before, here's some resources to help out:

The plugin Meridian One Features adds several custom widgets which are used for managing the homepage content. More on those widgets was covered in the Homepage section of the documentation.

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