03. Navigation Menu

You can create & manage your navigation menus under  Appearance > Menus.

Step 1: Create a Menu

To start, create a new menu. You can click on text link "create a new menu". Then, enter in a menu name and click "Create Menu".

Step 2: Set the Menu Location

After you have created your menu, you need to select the Theme Location. You can do this by going under the "Manage Locations" tab at the top. Then select a menu under "Primary Menu" or "Mobile Menu" and click "Save Changes".

Step 3: Add pages to your Menu

You can then start adding pages and links to your menu. After you click "Add to Menu", it will move the menu item menu on the right. You can drag menu items around to order them. Or customize/delete the menu items by clicking on the down arrow on the right. Make sure to save the menu when you are done editing it.

Adding Sub-menus

You can make multiple level's of sub-menus. All you need to do is drag the menu item that you want inside the sub-menu under-neath the parent menu item. There will be an option to indent the item, so that the sub-menu item looks like it is pushed inside of the parent menu item. See example, "Contact" is in a sub-menu of the parent page "Home":

Adding Menu Icons

You can easily add-in a menu icon by clicking the small down-arrow and editing the menu item.

You can get a list of avaialble icons here:  http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/. Just pick an icon and then type in the name of the icon in the "Menu Icon" field.

Adding Mega-Menu's

You can easily add-in support for mega-menus by clicking the small down-arrow and editing the menu item. Just click "Enable Mega Menu" and then choose the ammount of columns you want to use for your mega menu.

The first sub-menu level is going to be the heading for the column (Use Custom Link with "#" added in for the URL). The next sub-level will display the navigation item. Here is an screen-shot example of how the live preview menu is setup:

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