4. Theme Options

The theme uses the WordPress Customizer feature for it's global/theme options. Customizer is a native WordPress feature which was added in WordPress back in 2012, so if you've ever used WordPress you won't have any problems.

Note: Only functionality related options are in the Customizer. For styling options use Meridian Styler, more on that further down the documentation.

You can access the customizer at WP AdminAppearanceCustomize. In there you will see these sections:

  • Social
  • Footer
  • Ad Banners
  • Other


To change the text on the logo or set an image logo go to the Identity section of Customizer. If setting an image logo make sure to uncheck the checkbox "Display Site Title and Tagline".


In the social URLs section of the theme options you can set the URLs to your social website profiles. They will be used for the social elements/icons in the side panel and in the social widget.


In the footer section of the theme options you can change the copyright text.

Ad Banners

In the ad banners section you can set the advertisement banner image and URL for the header banner and "before posts banner".


In this section are options to change tha layout for the Archive and Search pages. Other options that do not fit in a specific category will be added here as well.

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