6. Homepage

By default the theme will show the same layout for the homepage as you've seen on the demo. You can keep that or create a new page and choose the layout you want. Here's how to do that:

  • Go to WP admin → Pages → Add New ( and set a title for the page )
  • Choose Home as the Page Template ( right sidebar under "Page Attributes" )
  • Choose the Featured Layout ( below the main content editor under "Homepage options" ) if you want a featured section in the header, if not leave it disabled.
  • Choose the Listing Layout and set the Posts Per Page ( below the main content editor under "Homepage options" )
  • Publish the page

After you've published the page you need to set that page to be the front page ( homepage ), to do that:

  • Go to WP admin → Settings → Reading
  • You will see a select dropdown called Front Page, choose the page you just created
  • Save changes and that's it

Homepage - Featured Posts

At the very top of the homepage ( just below the logo and nav ) is the featured posts section. To add posts to that section simply add the tag featured to the posts you want to display there.

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