5. Posts and Pages

In this section of the documentation we'll be going over the creation of pages, blog posts and the homepage. Mostly it's all regular usage, there are a few theme specific options which we will be covering.

Blog Posts

Posts can be managed in WP AdminPosts. If you are new to WordPress check out the official documentation on writing posts at https://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_Posts.

It's all regular WordPress usage except for some extra options.

Banner Tagline - The text from this option will be shown in the homepage slider and in the banner section when on the single post page.

Banner Image - This image will be shown as the main banner background on single post pages. If not supplied the featured image will be used.

Gallery Height - The height to which the gallery images will be resized. Defaults to 230 pixels.

Gallery Images - The images for the gallery. Output the gallery by adding [heart_and_style_gallery] shortcode in the post content.


Pages can be managed in WP AdminPages. It's all regular pages management like with any other theme except for some custom options and a few page templates.

Custom Options

The custom options are the Homepage Options, they're covered in the homepage part of the documentation.

Page Templates

Page template can be changed in the Page Attributes section located in the right sidebar area when adding/editing a page ( screenshot below ).

The theme comes with 3 page templates:

  • Default ( a regular page )
  • Home - 1 Col + Sidebar ( one column + sidebar )
  • Home - 1 Col Full Width ( one colum )
  • Home - 2 Col + Sidebar ( two columns + sidebar )
  • Home - 2 Col Full Width ( two columns )
  • Home - 3 Col Full Width ( three columns )
  • Home - Classic ( classic + sidebar )
  • Home - Classic Full Width ( classic )

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