6. Homepage

There are 7 different homepage styles available in the theme, you can see them all on the theme demo.

To set up a homepage go to WP adminPagesAdd New. Add a page title ( can be anything ), set the Template to the homepage style you want and in the Homepage Options set the amount of posts and choose the style you want and publish the page.

Now that the page is created, let's set that page to be the homepage ( front page ):

  • Go to WP adminSettingsReading
  • You will see a select dropdown called Front Page where you can choose the page you created.
  • Save changes and that's it

Below is a screenshot of that section and the select dropdown field.


On the homepage there is a carousel/slider with posts at the top. To add posts to that section simply give them the tag slider

Featured posts

Below the carousel/slider on the homepage there is a listing of featured posts. To add posts to that section simply give them the tag featured


Just above the posts listing on the homepage there is a newsletter form section. You need the Mailpoet Newsletter plugin installed for that section.

You can disable and manage this section in WP Admin → AppearanceCustomizeSubscribeGeneral

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