7. Twitter Share Count

Because there is no official way to get the count of tweets a page has ( there used to be but Twitter disabled that functionality ) the theme is using a service called "Open Share Count".

Setting it up is quite simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to opensharecount.com
  2. Click the Sign Up button
  3. Enter your Name, Email and Domain ( like http://example.com ) and submit the form
  4. You will be taken to Twitter for authorization, click the Authorize App button

And that's it, the theme can now use that service to get the amount of tweets for your posts.

Important notes: it can take some time for search results to come in, so initially the count that is reported will be zero on all links. Due to limitations on the Search API initially only tweets from the past week or so will be counted. Tweets going forward will be counted and added to the total. Results will only be returned for links in the domain you signed up with.

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