08. Pages

Pages can be managed in WP AdminPages. It's all regular pages management like with any other theme except for some custom options and a few page templates.

Page Templates

Page template can be changed in the Page Attributes section located in the right sidebar area when adding/editing a page ( screenshot below ).

The theme comes with 3 page templates:

  • Default ( a regular page, with sidebar )
  • Full Width Content ( a regular page, without a sidebar )
  • Contact ( used for the contact page )
  • Listing ( used for homepage and other pages with listing of posts )

Custom Options

There are 3 different areas with custom options:

  • Featured Section Options ( primarily for the featured posts section at the top of homepage )
  • Listing Section Options ( for listing posts on homepage, trending, hot... )
  • Contact Page Options ( for the contact page )
  • Other Options ( options that don't fit in the other areas )

More info on those can be found in the documentation section for homepage

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